Monday, March 30, 2015

Police and Barbara not resetting the dialogue

According to the PG's Commissioners lament 'divisiveness' of Mt. Lebanon deer culling debate,
The most disappointing part of Mt. Lebanon’s deer management program that ended abruptly last week was “the divisiveness and mean-spirited rhetoric” that split the community, commissioners said at their meeting Monday night.
“For the good of the community, we must try to reset the dialogue,” President John Bendel read from a letter at the meeting.

It doesn't appear that some in Mt. Lebanon are ready to reset the dialogue, Mr. Bendel.

The Mt Lebanon Police Weekly Press Report dated Thursday, March 19, 2015 through Wednesday, March 25, 2015 is predicting more vandalism coming to deer killing traps in April.

Bird Park – Entry gate & receiver of deer corral damage, no trespassing sign taken. 04/15/15 1432

Power broker Barbara Logan has already made her feelings known to Democratic hopeful Andy Reinhart, running for Commissioner of Ward 3. On his website,, Andy talks about Mt. Lebanon Deer Management Issues.

Mrs. Logan writes:
Lebodeer conducted a survey in the Fall of 2014 which indicated that about 95% of residents support a lethal cull.
Where the heck did you get that statistic, Mrs. Logan? She continues with:
The anti culling crowd lies, obfuscates, and intimidates, but these tactics should not influence legislation.
Barbara, there were rumors that you contacted John Bendel and Kelly Fraasch with the same message. This time, you put it in writing. Not too smart.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

For all high school students with caffeine addictions

Students can now buy Caribou Coffee all day long in the high school cafeteria.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Walk in the Park

I don't know why I bothered, but I picked up my latest copy of mtl Magazine. Starting with Susan Morgans' story on her former neighbor's garden, her home & garden guide, and then coming to Steve Silverman's commissioner's report, I had to stop reading.

Theoretically, the deer killing would have still been in progress, had J. Merlin Benner not ended his contract with Mt. Lebanon. What did Steve Silverman write about? How about we take a walk in one of Mt. Lebanon's passive parks? According to Steve, we have three passive parks: Bird Park, Robb Hollow, and Twin Hills. What about McNeilly Park? The Conservation District? I questioned the designation of those two areas during the deer killing. Was anyone harassed by Benner's boys or the corn patrol for being in either of those locations after 9:00 PM? Parks close at 9:00 PM, we were told. According to Commissioner Silverman and the Public Information Office which put together the magazine, we are now being told that there are only three passive parks in Mt. Lebanon. I'm so confused!

Does Mr. Silverman realize that residents were stopped by police for walking on the outskirts of Bird Park? During daylight hours! Yet, in his commissioner's report, Steve is encouraging us to visit one of our passive parks. Really, Steve? Are you in denial? How about you, PIO? Weren't you making residents out to be vandals, while they were being questioned by police and then asked for photo ID just for walking on sidewalks or in parking lots?

Is this part of the cooling off period? Is pretending nothing horrible happened in the parks part of your plan? Do you think we are stupid and will forget? Enough with the brainwashing! Thought reform in the People's Republic of China was a campaign by the Communists in the early 50's. In present day, thought reform can be found right here in Mt. Lebanon. Seriously, Susan, retire. Steve, very poor timing.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Come again?

I got my copy of The Almanac today. Love the headlines. Turning to page 3, Linfante resigns from Lebo board, the statement from John Bendel has me confused. (I can't provide the link, but it is from the March 25-31, 2015 issue, The Almanac, page 3)

"Bendel said the township will begin looking for an interim replacement for Linfante, who is in favor of deer culling."
Am I to take it that only those in favor of deer culling should apply? Those opposed to deer culling need not apply?

I had received this comment on March 17, 2015 through the blog.

Dear E Gillan, 
Why have you not posted my wife's email in regards to the deercull? She even signed it. Was it because she is for the culling? 
Chuck Vietmeier |

I wrote back to say that I had not received anything from her. After all this time, she finally figured out how to submit a comment. She writes:

concerned citizen has left a new comment on your post " Consider the following":  
Dear Ms. Gillen: 
Is there anything about Mt. Lebanon that you do like? Your neighbors, your library, the school system, the public services, the volunteer efforts? This community has so many wonderful attributes and I am grateful that I grew up here and continue to reside here. I have not seen a pleasant comment anywhere on your blog about our community. Why do you stay here if you hate it so much? Moreover, your personal attacks on the commissioners are unprofessional and hateful. We have a democratic system and our volunteer officials were elected by the community to serve. If you disagree with their decisions, please run for office instead of resorting to personal attacks (e.g., "murderers", "liars", etc.) That type of conduct does no one any good. Best, Kirsten Rydstrom  
ps. why are there so many "anonymous"comments instead of people standing behind their comments. 

Posted by concerned citizen to Lebo Citizens at March 25, 2015 at 8:16 PM

Sorry, Kirsten, but I would never be selected to replace Kristen Linfante, since I am opposed to deer culling.  I'm also opposed to artificial turf. I need not apply.

So residents of Ward 3: If you are for: 

deer culling
artificial turf
reckless spending 
keeping the Manager and PIO

Send your letters of interest and resumes to:

Mt. Lebanon Manager Stephen Feller
710 Washington Road
Pittsburgh,  PA  15228

Mark your sealed envelope with  “Commissioner Application.”

The deadline to apply is April 13, 2015 at 10 AM. Interviews begin on April 14, 2015, which is the next Commission meeting.
Mt. Lebanon commissioner steps down, citing health

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

County wide petition that both hunters and PETA would sign

A petition to be sent to County Executive Rich Fitzgerald's office seeking a ban on trap-and-kill culling in Allegheny County was presented to the Commission last night. The resident asked if the Commission would like to sign it. Vice President Kelly Fraasch did, and some in the crowd loudly clapped. She was the only one who would sign it. Silverman and Bendel aren't feeling very sorry about their horrific plan.

The petition shared with the commission and those in attendance at the meeting last night is available here. It is available to download and distribute among Allegheny County residents.  Supporters must be at least 18 years old and reside in Allegheny County. 

Wildcat project drained us dry

During yesterday's Commission Discussion Session, Andrew McCreery, Director of Finance, reviewed 2014 Preliminary Year-end Financials.

Andrew explained that the Unassigned Funds are to be used for emergencies. Typically, the reserves should equal two months of our budget. Our unassigned fund balance is only at 11%. Remember how "Anyone But Bendel" went to the October 3, 2013 Sports Advisory Board meeting and asked how the SAB would like to spend the pot of gold? The October 3, 2013 SAB meeting minutes indicate:
The board recommended that the Commission designate the maximum amount of undesignated funds, plus any available funds that were previously allocated to Brafferton, to a turf project at Middle and Wildcat, with the balance of the project costs coming from other sources.
Isn't "Anyone But Bendel" in the banking business?

I bet Vasco Sports can't be too happy with the snow on the ground. Benner hoped for snow, while Vasco hopes for warmer weather. I just love Mother Nature.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Kristen Linfante resigned

It is true. Effective immediately, Kristen Linfante has resigned as commissioner of Ward 3. The commission has 45 days to fill the position. Any Ward 3 resident interested in serving may submit a résumé and letter of interest to Manager Feller.

March 24, 2015 11:00 AM Pro-deer culling Mt. Lebanon commissioner steps down from post

March 24, 11:58 AM This is an important notice from LeboALERT.
Applications & resumes accepted for Ward 3 Commission seat thru April 13. Must be US Citizen, 25+ years old and a Lebo voter for 2 years. Instrux online.

Mellon Middle School Incident

From: Mellon Middle School []
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2015 12:00 PM
To: Mellon Middle School Parent
Subject: Mellon Middle School Incident

Mellon Families:
On March 23, 2015, a student reported to Mellon Middle School staff / administration that a note was found in the 3rd floor girls’ bathroom that read, “There is a bomb here.”  The incident was immediately referred to the Mt. Lebanon Police Department.  After the initial investigation, the MLPD and school administration deemed the incident not to be a credible threat.
I informed school staff, asked them to be aware of the situation and to immediately report any information they may receive in regard to the incident.  Staff members have been asked to be extra visible and vigilant in the hallways.  We continue to investigate the incident in an effort to identify the responsible individual(s).  Should you hear any information that you feel may be relevant to our investigation, please contact me.
Christopher Wolfson

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Consider the following

Tomorrow's protest will start at 5:30 in front of the municipal building, across from Sesame Inn. The Commission Discussion Session begins at 6:30. According to the Commission Discussion Session Agenda, Commission President Bendel has allotted himself another thirty minutes to discuss goals. At the previous discussion session, John scheduled forty five minutes to discuss goals and allocated a whole FIVE minutes for Commissioner Fraasch's presentation on non-lethal methods of deer management. He then cut her off because they were running short on time. Tomorrow's agenda is void of any deer discussions. In light of recent events concerning deer, John's lack of transparency has left many residents feeling outraged and unrepresented.

Those from both in and outside Mt. Lebanon who opposed the deer kill have lived a tough lesson in Constitutional Law. Threats of arrests and fines by the Mt Lebanon Police Department persisted throughout the culling period, for the sole purpose of suppressing activists’ civil liberties. John Bendel has denied non-residents the ability to speak during Citizen Comments, pulling the non-resident sign up sheet minutes before the last meeting. To Mt. Lebanon business owners, not living in Mt. Lebanon: You're out of luck. Mr. Bendel permitted non-residents to speak in two consecutive meetings prior to March 10, 2015. Non-residents have been permitted to speak on several occasions in the past. Cutting off Kelly during her presentation during the March 10 Discussion Session is unconscionable. Mr. Bendel, by pissing off residents over sidewalks, turf, reassessments, and now permitting a firm to inhumanely fire eleven shots to kill three deer, I predict that your chances of being reelected as a Ward 1 commissioner are bleak.

For the Public Information Office to decide what residents need to know is appalling. “We see no value to Mt. Lebanon residents of releasing daily reports,” said municipal spokeswoman [Public Misinformation Officer] Susan Morgans. She said officials worry about inflaming those opposed to the culling and don't want them to “put themselves in harm's way” to protest or disrupt the program. She continues to spew out unsubstantiated claims as to how many deer are in Mt. Lebanon, when Feller himself admitted he had no idea. The PIO perpetuates Benner's stories of vandalism to the media, yet quickly crushed Benner's accusation of Mt. Lebanon Police scaring off four deer. We are tired of your continual misinformation. Where is the LeboALERT announcing the end of the deer cull? Perhaps you should consider following Tom Kelley and Coleman McDonough's lead, Mrs. Stroyd Morgans.

Steve Feller, you've got to go. Lying to a commissioner by telling her that the corrals were being relocated, instead of reporting the end of killing, is grounds for a pink slip. You have been deceitful to residents and frankly, we've had enough of it. Surely, you can see the handwriting on the wall.

Kristen Linfante, please resign. You have done considerable damage to Mt. Lebanon. If you are too ill to serve, then resign. Flight attendants warn passengers, “In case there is a loss in cabin pressure, yellow oxygen masks will deploy from the ceiling compartment located above your head…” We are to take care of ourselves before trying to help others. Learn from that, Kristen. And no, I'm not into you. In fact, I have more than enough evidence to personally sue your sorry ass.

Dave Brumfield, you are a disgrace. You told us that you would never permit guns to be used on deer. Thanks to you, six deer died horrific deaths. For some strange reason, you permit Feller and Linfante to manipulate you. What do they have on you, Dave?

Steve Silverman, while we have you to thank for limiting Benner's fee to $500 per deer, it did cost taxpayers $15,000 for this yayhoo's "expertise." You claim that this was the number one issue when you were campaigning. I don't think what you approved was what your constituents had in mind. Do you think hearing reports of keeping deer trapped in corrals for an average of ninety minutes and then being tortured with multiple gunshots (eleven bullets to kill three deer) will make our Junior Commissioner proud? How about getting those twenty or so Deer Crossing signs sitting at Public Works installed? Open your mind to non-lethal methods for a change. At tomorrow's meeting, how about sitting up and looking at the public for a change. Directly answer a question when asked, for once.

Coleman McDonough, thank you for your years of service in Mt. Lebanon. I don't think guarding corn, allowing Benner to blame your police force for chasing away four deer, falsely accuse residents, who you are paid to protect, of vandalism, being manipulated by Kristen Linfante, and encouraging residents to have private hunts were the best decisions you ever made. You have turned Mt. Lebanon into a war zone. Unfortunately, this will be your legacy.

This cull has left our community deeply divided and will taint its reputation for years to come.

Deer memorial at 10 AM this morning

Sorry for the late notice, but I just found out that there will a memorial held this morning at 10:00 AM at the Bird Park corral site. People are gathering in the Beadling parking lot at 9:45 AM.

Feel free to attend at any time.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Protest announcement

There will be another protest before Monday's Commission meeting. The protest starts at 5:30 PM in front of the Municipal Building.

Also, I wanted to share my favorite commercial.

Breaking News Deer Cull Has Ended UPDATED

In a conversation with Merlin Benner earlier this morning, executive director of the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep (FNAWS), Dennis Campbell, DDS of Birmingham, AL, said that Benner said that they're done. A call to Susan Morgans, resulted in the caller (a local hunter who is friends with Campbell) hearing Susan talk about the deer population problem. There is no problem here, Susan.

Update March 20, 2015 1:45 PM

Join me today…3:30pm Bird Park

Join me today at 3:30pm at Bird Park to begin cleaning up the mess left behind by Wildlife Specialists, LLC where the deer corals were removed.
The deer cull was ended earlier today and we need to restore the parks back to their original state.
Bring a couple of trash bags to help pick up garbage, corn feed, etc. that was left behind.  Bring your own gloves.
Tweet from The Almanac
The Almanac (@SHillsAlmanac)
@41Suzanne is at #MtLebanon municipal building now, trying to get comment. No one will answer their phones.

Merlin Benner letter to Steve Feller, March 19, 2015

Fake Lebo

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Report from Wildlife Specialists 3/10/2015 - 3/15/2015

Attached you will find a copy of the report prepared by Wildlife Specialists that lists those nights that the cull activity has taken place in Mt. Lebanon. The trapping and culling activity has occurred on four nights in Mt. Lebanon. Prior to conducting culling activities, the contractor has notified the Police Department of the plans and location. The following morning I am notified of the results of the cull.

Stephen Feller
Municipal Manager

My observations:

Four deer were killed before 9:00 PM. Shooting isn't supposed to start until 9:00 PM.

Deer were trapped for at least 90 minutes from the time the gates closed and the shots fired.
Our Mt. Lebanon Public Misinformation Officer lists on the website that the team of trained professionals will be dispatched immediately to "euthanize" the deer. NINETY MINUTES?

Eleven bullets to kill three deer. That just sickens my stomach.

Remains of corral #2 at Golf Course

Corn, straw, and in some corrals, tufts of fur are what were left behind.

All CORRALS ARE NOW GONE!!!! Nothing at Bird, McNeilly, Robb Hollow, Golf Course, or Conservation District.

Update will be tomorrow. I'm wondering if Mt. Lebanon gave Benner some time to remove his shit before tomorrow's update. Why do I think Benner has left the building?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

OK, we know the drill

McNeilly Park corral is gone.
Connor Road corral is gone.
Robb Hollow corral is gone.
Golf course corral near Shop 'N Save is gone.

Golf course corral near Sleepy Hollow is still there.
Bird Park corral is still there.

I hear that the white No Trespassing signs have been removed, but the yellow warning signs are still posted in all five "parks."

OK, so we know the drill, right? Since the municipality refuses to tell us where the new locations are, we know what to do.

  • Scour the parks, looking for new locations. 
  • Look for utility flags. Remember, Merlin has to call PA One Call again. He has been reminded.
  • Get GPS coordinates of new sites.
  • Plot the coordinates.
  • Look for clover traps.
Benner has to wait for PA One Call. That can take up to five business days. Also, it takes time for deer to become comfortable with new bait feeders.

Kelly Fraasch was told that Benner is moving corrals to areas where there are more deer.

I updated the deer kill count. Zero kills the last two nights.

Update March 19, 2015 11:37 AM More signs from high school student, Claire Pullen. Claire said to consider it public domain and don't worry about copyrights.  Distribute them far and wide! Thank you, Claire!




Click to print:

Businesses for Humane Alternatives

This was designed by Claire Pullen, a Mt. Lebanon high school student. Please encourage any Mt. Lebo businesses you know to support this and display the sign.


Lebanon Shops landlord forced Club Cycle to remove sign



Dale & Vicki Collision Center
McNeilly Road, Baldwin Twp.

Dogs against the deer cull


This page is to spotlight the deer friendly businesses in Mt. Lebanon. Please support these establishments. Thank you for supporting the deer in Mt. Lebanon.


To print signs, click on links here: