Friday, November 29, 2013

Support Shop Small Saturday

Black Friday is technically here. It started at 8 PM last night, when people were still on Thanksgiving kitchen duty or getting ready to watch the Steelers.

I went out on Black Friday one time, just to cross it off on my bucket list. Never again. Instead, I like to support Shop Small Business Saturday. Last year, I was one of a handful of people shopping on Washington Road. One shopkeeper shared that I was her only sale. How sad. 

I actually look forward to Shop Small Business Saturday. I love the personalized attention. Shop owners fill their stores with unique gifts, which makes my shopping easier when looking for that special gift. This year, Santa will be on Washington Road throughout the day. Also scheduled this year:

Please join me and support our small businesses in Mt. Lebanon.  


Anonymous said...

What is the PIO doing to talk up this event?

Bill Matthews said...

It is not Saturday - but just back from Create-A-Frame, Uptown, where I picked a few holiday gifts.

Anonymous said...

A suggestion.
I hope that new Lebo Subs come up with a Lebo Po Boy sammwiche for those that prefer things like atheletic fields and food natural.
No plasticky processed cheeses or meats and it should sell for a little less.
That'll be a winner!

E. T. Gillen said...

Wow! I am shocked! This LeboALERT came through a couple of minutes ago.

"This is an important notice from LeboALERT.

Small Business Saturday Open House, Washington Road shops today,10 to 9. Free family activities. Please support Mt. Lebanon shops throughout town."


Anonymous said...

I had a good time shopping on Washington Road today, there are a lot of nice shops to visit and they have nice gifts. But I do miss Planet Art, Pepperberry, and Gifted. It is too bad they are gone.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine how much more people would have been there at Washington Road and Beverly if there were more parking spots? I think $750,000 would have helped that issue.

E. T. Gillen said...

Every year, I suggest that Mt. Lebanon offers free parking in the public garages for Shop Small Saturday, but it never happens.

There were more people shopping on Washington Road this year, than any other Shop Small Saturday. My daughter and I had lunch at Bistro 19 and enjoyed celebrating our traditional Shop Small Saturday on Washington Road.

I think Eric Milliron did a super job. Thanks to Eric and to all who supported Shop Small Saturday.

Anonymous said...

The city offers free parking for Shop Small Sat but this year they forgot to post signs on meters so some people may have paid.

I heard the carolers and thought the street felt festive and busier than usual.

If the streets were safe, ya know, you could probably just walk to Shop Small Saturday.

Damion Deringer said...

I avoid stopping at one of the Beverly Road shops because there is absolutely no parking and I HATE having to park in front of people's houses, so I would appreciate more parking but I'm in the minority to the thousands of households that want turf over parking.

Lebo Fields said...

A quick review of the Mount Lebanon website indicates that there are just shy of 100 metered parking spaces associated with the Beverly Road shopping district. This does not include the many non-metered street parking spaces, which are also available within one or two blocks of Beverly. Mr. Derringer, where would you suggest that the municipality install additional parking for this commercial district?

Damion Deringer said...

I don't know off the top of my head but i would imagine that a in-depth parking study would have been a good start, but your precious turf took up $750,000 to even think of that option.

Also, Please spell my name correctly. It is right in front of you, so there is no reason for the incorrect spelling. Thank you.

Lebo Fields said...

Anonymous said...

Lebo Fields, You are stating that parking is adequate on Beverly Road and Mr. Deringer is stating that it is not.

We are also debating NEEDS vs wants and how the community spends tax dollars.

With respect to the subject of parking, there are NEEDS and wants.

Residents go to the traffic board BEGGING for parking in front of their homes due to severe physical disabilities. I'd say this is a NEED. Likewise, there are many places in Mt Lebanon that are not accessible to individuals with physical handicaps. Sometimes there are spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities, but they don't really meet the specs required.

I think Mt Lebanon should address these NEEDS proactively and make sure there is parking available and useful to these people before we spend money on TURF, which we really don't NEED, but Mr. Franklin "prefers".

By the way, some communities are planning their needs to 2050, when for the first time in history, we will have more people over 65 than under 14 in America. If this is the case, then we really ought to start caring for people with disabilities because we will all benefit from the same accommodations.

Anonymous said...

Lebo Fields, one or two blocks away does not constitute accessible to handicap people. I thought Mt Lebo was pushing for more accessibility? Lip service again...